Friday, September 25, 2015

Little to None

It has been a while since I started writing. I fell away as my time, energy, resources, and effort, have been used in other areas of my life. I'm hoping that I can get back to writing regularly. I find it to be a relaxing way to express myself.

So, what will I talk about, well I have a lot to share. Each day holds it's own struggles and victories. So this will be a eclectic view into my thoughts and my family. 

Tonight is a thoughtful and nostalgic musing I need out of my mind

It has been a long day and a difficult night. However I feel that I need to share my thoughts.

Our family was homeless for 3 very long years. It was a very hard and difficult time! But it also gave us an insight into homelessness, and the myriad of battles it brings, each and every day. It also gave us a heart for others who are or have been in the same struggle. If we had the means, we would love to help other families who are like ours.

Unfortunately, we don't have the means.

In 2010, we moved down here. I was able to walk a little way with my walker, work with small items, not need the kind of help that I do today. With my declining health, I can empathize with other people. I am extremely BLESSED to have a family that loves me, needs me. I shouldn't feel lonely, I shouldn't, but I do. Every single day. I miss being active, I miss my friends,

I am now extremely limited in the Whats, Whens, Whys, Whos and Hows. I am a home bound, wheel chair bound, 39 year old who lives with two great teens and a husband who loves me tremendously. I have a beautiful, helpful, loving, caring family, yet I feel so lost and alone in my own home. For 5 years, we have gone to co-op, church, and other homeschooling functions. Today, it is just a battle to get me out to the doctor's office and shopping.

I can't help but think of others, just like me. How lonely it must feel to be in their own little jail.

My heart goes out to them, I want to act upon the impulse to find a way to help other people who are lonely. We, as a body of Christ, need to reach out, and be a blessing to other people. I want so much to be a light to them, and for Christ's lamp to help with the loneliness.

However, how do I do this? Even though I face my own mountains, how can I be a blessing to others around me? How can you?

As I close tonight's/morning's blog, please be in thought about what I shared.

Do you know someone struggling with loneliness? Or possibly, handicapped and can't get out like they used to? If you think of ways to be a blessing, please share! I would love to hear from you!

Now that I have taken up a large part of my night, Good night and sweet dreams.


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